commercial electrical services in Canon City and surrounding areas 


Our expert technicians will help you create a plan for your growth and future electrical needs. If you are currently having electrical issues, give us a call, our technicians will help inspect and diagnose the existing problem and take care of any other electrical needs your commercial building may have.
We know you need to be open during business hours, so we will build a schedule to work around you and your operating hours.

In a growth phase
Moving into a new space
Remodeling your current office space

if you are...

This is a list of our most common commercial services. If you are having an issue that isn't listed, feel free to contact us and schedule a service call.

Panels & breakers
Lighting upgrades
outlets & switches
Electrical service & equipment

We help replace anything that is out-dated


outlets & switches
Panels & Breakers
hvac power
Dedicated Circuits

We help with your commercial electrical installations


emergency repairs
switch gear
Outlets & Switches
Sign power

We help with your commercial electrical repairs, big or small


CALL (719) 221-4802

CALL (719) 221-4802

If you’re looking to conserve on your overall energy costs, we can help! As a Black Hills Energy Trade Ally we can help find a rebate program that puts money back in your pocket. We will send out an energy consultant to review your existing electrical needs and usage patterns, then suggest ways that you can actually lower your bill and improve your bottom line. Contact us for more information.
If you’re a landlord, we offer a few rebate programs to replace T8 and T12 existing lights. Helping you control the amount of the electric bill for your properties. We also offer a twice a year, complete electrical inspection package to make sure your electrical system is safe and notify you of any hazards or concerns. Managing and maintaining your electrical systems is just as important as managing any other aspect of your business. Contact us for more information.

do you want help saving money on your electric bill?
Ravenwood Electric is a Trade Ally for Black hills energy.

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At Ravenwood Electric, our licensed electricians are able to provide the level of professionalism and expertise needed in order to ensure your commercial space is ready for business. In a few cases, the space may require just a few updates. Many times it may call for a complete electrical build-out. Ravenwood Electric has you covered for both. Give us a call today.

commercial tenant finishes

is your business Planning to expand or Remodel?

call (719) 221-4802

our talented team of professional electricians are ready to help make your commercial project come together

We have years of experience in the commercial space. From core and shells, medical suites and hospitals, to tenant finishes, and data centers.

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